EMF 01, Heavy Duty Mist Fan EMF03 Mist fan, Medium Duty Mist Fans EMF02 Medium Duty Mist Fan (Black)
EMF 01, Heavy Duty
Mist Fan

EMF 03, Medium Duty
Mist Fan (Blue)

EMF 02, Medium Duty
Mist Fan

Euronics Misting Fan & Misting System
(Outdoor Cooling Systems)

Misting Fan- is a Standalone Fan that throws Air along with Mist, Creating Cool Atmosphere in all Outdoor Areas.

Misting Systems- is a Fixed Piping High pressure system, that generates High Pressure Mist, which helps temperature go down and makes outside environment comfortable. We can do piping from 25 meters up-to 250 meters depending upon customers requirements.

Ideal For: Hotels, Restaurants, Swimming Pool, Factories, All Outdoor Areas.