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Anti Skid Tapes/ Anti Slip Tapes

Anti Skid Tapes Products are designed to enhance & maintain your buildings with the assurance of safety.
Tapes & Treads are slip resistant materials that reduce the risk of slipping.
Occupational hazards like slips & falls are common cause for disabilities.

Floor Marking Vinyl Tapes

Floor Marking tapes are made PVC & Vinyl material. Floor marking tapes can also be useful for helping workers put materials and equipment back in the right place. Creating Distinctions between finished goods, raw goods & to-be repaired goods, and equipment ensures mistakes are minimized & productivity & safety are both at the highest levels.

Tapes are an effective replacement for paints, Tapes are much faster & easier to install & replace, which dramatically reduces down times related to painting arises & rails. Many floor tapes are scuff and break resistant, unlike paints that will chip & scratch off. And most of all, tapes are much easier to store & transport. They have much higher shelf lives than paints that, if stored improperly, wont last long.