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Entrance Matting Solution

Entrance Matting Solution

At EURONICS entree, we offer a wide range of Innovative entrance Matting Products & solutions, that protect floors and carpets in your premises from dirt and debris. Products from the Matting Solutions portfolio offer a combination of safety, quality and durability with a truly vast range of colors, shapes and sizes that are suitable for any d├ęcor and level of traffic. Euronics Matting Products are not only cost effective but also find use in diverse locations like Hotels, Corporate Offices, Industrial Establishments, Shopping Malls and Hospitals.

General Features of Entrance Matting Solutions :-

X- Lerator Technology : Specialized for outside area- resists dirt & keeps your environment cleaner
Trapper Technology : Specialized for outside/ Foyer area- resists dirt & keeps your environment cleaner
Absorption Technology : Specialized to keep you Inside/ Foyer area cleaner
Hygienic Environment : Resists dirt & keeps your environment cleaner and germ free