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Description Prague
Product Construction:Tufted High & Low Loop
Face Yarn:Econyl Regenerated Solution dyed Nylon

(Econyl® is a Trademark of Aquafil S.P.A)

Gauge: 1/10 inch
Stiches: 40/10 cm
Pile Height: 4.0 – 2.5 mm (±0.5 mm)
Pile Weight: 600 g / m2
Total Thickness: 6.5 mm (+-0.5 mm)
Backing: Post consumer recycled PVC ‘ECOS®’
Flame retardancy: E2160003
Antistatic Property: Less than 1,000 V (JIS L-4406, 23 ?, 25% RH, synthetic sole)
Recycle Content: 73% of total weight
CO2 Reduction Rate: 26%
Size: 25cm x 100cm
Packing: 12 pieces (3 m²) / case, 13kgs
Installation Method: Prague install image
Prague method image