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PVC Strip Curtains | Plastic Strip Curtains

What is PVC Strip Curtains ?

Euronics PVC Strip Curtains are made from specially developed PVC material, which offers a cost effective and a simple way to control temperature, humidity and prevent the ingress of dust and insects.

Euronics plastic strip curtain doors are ideal for maintaining an ambient temperature for your warehouse or coldstore, keeping out unwanted pests, restricting the movement of air pollutants or isolating noisy machinery. The strips of these doors are made of transparent or colored plastic in full or partial overlap, these strips can create real partition walls suitable to divide rooms and sheds.


PVC Curtains have many benefits including:

• Retaining heat, or chilled air
• Improving workplace safety
• Clear so they allow natural light to pass through
• Reducing or containing noise levels
• Helping to exclude vermin and birds
• Application Areas

Pharmaceutical Industries Manufacturing Plants Hotels & Kitchen AreaCold Storage Dairy Industry Freeze Zones Packaging Industries Processing of Agricultural Products Factories Warehouses Health Care Facilities Food Processing Zones